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The new sound of cumbia sonidera is unique, identificable, its melodic organ and guacharaca like the old tropical cumbia groups of 70's, evoking to the old Colombian "tamboras" with classic instruments like conga, (or called timbal), a Mexican cumbia contribution, keyboard (a derivation of the Cumbia Rock of Rigo Tovar), harp (retaken of the cumbia costeña of states of the Southeastern of Mexico), electrical guitar (derived from the used ones in the beginning of the Mexican Cumbia by Mike Laure and Xavier Passos), Keyboard Synthesizers (derivation of Cumbia-Rock of principle of 70's), drums, sax (folclore of the east, north and Southeastern of Mexico), güiro and trumpets (a contribution from Mexico to the world) and the piano accordion (folclore's instrument in "Música norteña", from northern Mexico) of Mexico. The Cumbia Sonidera is more instrumental and with little lyrics in some cases.
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