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Skatepunk was originally a derivative of hardcore punk, so named because of its popularity among skateboarders. It can be difficult for outsiders to pin down exactly what makes a particular band skatepunk, but there are a few strong tendencies. Skatepunk tends to be especially high-energy, even for the genre it comes from; that usually means even faster tempos and thrashier guitars. Skatepunk also tends to have a sense of humor, mostly of the smartass variety -- because, after all, it's used as a soundtrack for fun. In keeping with the fiercely anti-corporate, anti-authoritarian attitudes of the fans, most skatepunk bands are signed to independent labels, and most prefer to keep it that way as a statement of principle. The exact sound of skatepunk has shifted over the years with punk itself, from hardcore in the '80s to revivalist punk-pop in the '90s; its manic energy also influenced a portion of the third-wave ska revival movement. The first true skatepunk band was Suicidal Tendencies, who helped pave the way for some skatepunk outfits to dabble in funk-metal as well.
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