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A staple of harassment virtually since the advent of the telephone, Prank Calls rarely made their way onto comedy records until the 1990s, when tapes of the Jerky Boys (a pair of New York City malcontents who made a career out of haranguing unsuspecting victims) proved so popular with college students and high-school kids that they actually even made their own feature film, spawning a cottage industry of prank records. While occasionally returning to the mild, "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"-type humor of yesteryear, the majority of prank call compilations are quite vulgar and combative; other records of note include John Musacha's The Musacha Tapes and the legendary Tube Bar collection, a series of calls placed to a salty old bartender named Red which later served as the inspiration for similar hijinks on the hit TV series The Simpsons.
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