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A rather brief phenomenon (even for the style-a-minute world of dance music), Newbeat emerged late in the '80s as a midtempo derivation of acid house. Influenced as well by Detroit techno and Eurodance, newbeat was centered in Belgium, where labels such as R&S and Antler-Subway (home of the newbeat anthem "I Sit on Acid" by Lords of Acid) characterized the style with acid synth leanings, but more pop-friendly approaches to dance. The blazing success of the KLF during 1990-91 sustained newbeat for awhile, but after their exit from the music industry, the style faded quickly. While both Antler-Subway and Lords of Acid later moved on to a self-parodying approach to acid house, R&S became a respected name in the dance industry, focusing mostly on trance and ambient techno.
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