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Neo-glam is not a term for '80s hair-metal bands, but rather an offshoot of Britpop that, like the Britpop movement itself, was ushered in by Suede. Suede set the style for neo-glam by taking the stomping rockers and sweeping ballads of glam-era David Bowie and combining them with Morrissey's introspective romanticism , - a fusion that was, naturally, heavy on male androgyny. The Britpop bands who followed Suede also looked to quintessentially British influences, but a small cadre concentrated specifically on reviving the stylish excess of '70s glam , - bands including the Auteurs, Nancy Boy, Placebo, and Spacehog. The neo-glam phenomenon was largely confined to Britain, although Spacehog (not coincidentally the least androgynous of the bunch) did manage a small breakthrough with American audiences.
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