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Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB) is a common term for the text-oriented Brazilian popular music that developed alongside the bossa nova. Milton Nascimento and others promulgate this form of music. Although not strictly a form of tropicalia music, many MPB musicians have played tropicalia, and the two are sometimes used synonymously. Compared to the songs of tropicalia musicians, the greatest common bond is in the lyrics, which are well thought out, keyed to musical events of the accompaniment, poetic, elegant, and above all, socially aware. Thus, the works of the major composers in tropicalia, such as Chico Buarque's "Pedro Pedreiro," Caetano Veloso's "Superbacana," and Gilberto Gil's "Miserere Nobis," display a wide range of musical treatment united by an ideology of social criticism and serious artistic treatment of the music and texts. Rock, folk, classical, samba, bossa nova, and more are all part of the musical mix of tropicalia. But tropicalia lasted for only a few years, - the style expanded and is better known today as MPB. While MPB was an important creative force, as a general rule it cannot be separated from its politics.
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