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Straddling that line between rap and electronica, left-field hip-hop is a producer's style rather than an MC's, the emphasis placed more on the perfect beat than the perfect rhyme. For this reason, though vocals may be (and often are) included on left-field albums, they tend to function more as a rhythmic element as opposed to show off verbal prowess, though of course entire verses may be present. Most left-fielders use a variety of complex computerized equipment to mix and create their music, but there are often other experimental elements in left-field hip-hop, from a diverse sample set to live instrumentation and vocals. However, there is also generally the underlying idea that what is being produced could have rapping over it. Left-field hip-hop separates itself from turntablism in that it relies less on sampling in creating a composition, as well as the fact that it is more of a studio-based art form. It came into being as turntablism became less prevalent, and focuses more on studio work - including bringing in featured artists - as opposed to live performance, though again, of course, many left-fielders often display their work in public.
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