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Junkanoo is a highly rhythmic Bahamian style of music which traditionally accompanies the arts festival and street parade of the same name. It utilises polyrhythms and places emphasis on powerful, upbeat percussion.

Typical instruments include Goombay goatskin drums, bells (most commonly the cowbell), whistles, horns, conch shells and sousaphones, whilst later developments saw the introduction of various European influences, large brass ensembles and electronic instruments.

Performers include Dr. Offfff, John Chipman's Junkanoo Drums, Eddie Minnis, Junkanoo Band, The Valley Boys and Baha Men (playing a modernized update of the traditional junkanoo sound), whilst its influence can be seen in the work of Exuma.

The style has expanded and evolved in recent years, finding unlikely commercial success in 2000 with Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" and also operating as the basis for a new mainstream derivative, 'Junka'.

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