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When one thinks of Haitian Music, lots of music style from the country of Haiti may come in mind. Haitian Music such as: Kompa (in creole) or Compas (in french), Zouk, Haitian Rap Voodoo, rara, rasin, and maybe a combination of any above.

But the music style that really perpatuate Haiti and that has been truly successful outside of Haiti and into countries like United States, Canada, France, Jamaica, and many other countries in the world is Kompa.

The Haitian Music style of Kompa is a delicate, intriguing, melody derived from mostly the European ballrom dancing and perfected by those in Haiti that are highly cultured.

The second growing Haitian Music style is now Haitian Rap. Just like the same, Haitian Rap arose from Hip-Hop/Rap using same style beats but the artists rap in the creole language as well the english language; in some instances, they may rap also in French.

The third Haitian Music style that as been popular since the mid-1980s is Zouk. Zouk is somewhat similar to Compas / Kompa but the artists mostly sing in French. The melody is just as delicate, soft, and romantic.

Zouk by definition means party / festival. The Zouk Music is more or less consist of, compas, reggae, and salsa. The band that led the way for Zouk Music is Kassav' which originally from Guadeloupe and Martique.

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