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European Folk Music is a meta-genre covering all kind of numerous musical traditions found in Europe. This large and rich variety of Traditional Folk Music genres consist of old regional traditions, generally played with particular traditional instruments, or consist of particular local vocal songs.

Some local Traditional Folk Music genres are shared between several countries like Alpine Folk Music, Basque Folk Music, Catalan Folk Music, Romani Folk Music, Nordic Folk Music or Romanian Folk Music. Some musical structure, songs, intruments particularities were shared between people all around Europe, for example the accordion from Austria and Poland to Portugal, the hurdy-gurdy in France and Hungary, the violin, many kind of flutes and harps, the lutes and guitars, the bagpipes, and all common instruments found in Western Classical Music and many European Popular/Folk Music genres. These large influences in Europe during many centuries (even millenia) are due to strong civilisational, educational and cultural evolutions in the whole Europe, including the big civilisational and Imperial periods and some invasions. A common point about European music is the gradual development of the well (i.e. circular) and equal (like the famous 12 chromatic tones in an octave) temperaments, leading to a kind of specific "uniformization" of musical structures in Europe, compared to other musical cultures in Africa and Asia.

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