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The term "Creole music" is used to describe both the early folk or roots music traditions of the mixed race rural Creoles of South Louisiana and the later more contemporary genre called zydeco. It was often simply called French music or La La. It was sung in French patois by Creoles of African, French and Spanish descent. This early American roots music evolved in the 1930s into a richer sound accompanied by more instruments. Creole pioneer Amede Ardoin is said to be the first Creole to record this indigenous music. He has also been credited for greatly influencing the foundation of traditional Cajun music. Melodies from pioneers like Ardoin provided a basis for works by composers Louis Moreau Gottschalk and Moses Hogan and others. Southern Black music traditions in the US have been known to change and evolve as quickly as they were being replicated by white artists, the music of the Creoles also eveolved into a more contemporaty amplified sound that was later called zydeco, which is the indigenous music of the Creoles or "Creole music". Zydeco comes from African words "zari, zarico, zodico zai'co" meaning "to dance or dance". Zydeco fused the traditional Creole roots music sang in French with contemporary sounds making it relevant, dynamic and constantly attracting a new generation of listeners within the Creole community as well as outside the community.
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