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While clubjazz cannot be called strictly "jazz" because it relies more on tight song- and rhythm-oriented structures than it does improvisation, it nonetheless recalls the great discothèque jazz era of the early to mid-'60s, when popping organ and vocal jazz combos dominated nightclubs around the world. Clubjazz is noted by strong circular rhythms, organic drum breaks, standard jazz instrumentation, and more often than not, a vocalist fronting the group. The style originated in Japan during the late '90s, when DJ acts like Kyoto Jazz Massive and Nobukazu Takemura's Spiritual Vibes produced recordings that combined the sampled sounds of Blue Note and MPS with bossa nova, sophisticated '70s soul, electronic beats, and live vocals. Not only vocalists but live instruments soon began appearing onstage, and the sound spread quickly to Europe, where Gerardo Frisina founded the Schema label and released recordings by Nicola Conte and Mario Biondi. In Norway, Ricky Tick Records opened their doors and issued sides by the High Five Quintet, LTC, Dalindeo, and the Stance Brothers. Back in Japan, clubjazz became a true phenomenon, with dozens of acts springing up and the fame of clubjazz acts like Soil & "Pimp" Sessions and Sleepwalker influencing many new artists around the globe.
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