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Bhangra is the music of Britain's growing Asian population. Its origins can be traced to the farming regions of the Punjab, the northwestern area of the Indian subcontinent (split in 1947 between the Indians and the Pakistanis) which is today populated primarily by Muslims and Sikhs. Bhangra developed as a dance music performed during the festival of bisakh, celebrating the end of the harvesting season; the music took its name as an extension of the word "bhang," or hemp the crop most commonly harvested. Originally accompanied only by the loping rhythms of the dhol, a large barrel drum, bhangra quickly grew in popularity throughout the Punjabi community, making its way into more urbanized areas. Over time, the dhol was usurped by the dholak, a popular double-headed drum tapered at both ends. A common repertoire was eventually established -- the songs were informed by a lighthearted spirit, and their lyrical themes were dominated by ideas of love and romance. For decades bhangra was exclusively the province of the Punjabis, but by the late '70s it had emerged as the music of choice of second- and third-generation British Asians as well.
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